I want to date this sexual offender?

Ok so I work for a thing for a government building and I ran into some records of a 28 year old woman who lives near me. She is registered sex offender.

She was a teacher and got caught sexting a 17 year old student. To be honest I don't think its a big deal, 17 seems old enough but rules are rules I guess. She has no history of violence, drugs anything. Her records clean everywhere else.

I always had a fantasy of dating a sexual offender. I'm 22 but I look young like 18. I know her address because of the records I ran into but I don't know her number and she does not have any social media.

So how can I do it? Any tips. How can I get to know her, remember all I know is her address.

Please don't warn me about risk, I know the potential risk of how it could be dangerous, in my opinion I don't see evidence for risk so I'll take it.

I just want to know how to approach this, like if I go to her house? Any tips. Maybe I can make something up, I don't know help me guys, she's super hot, and unlike society, I won't judge her


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  • Do you really want to date a sex offender or a much older woman? I am sorry but that age difference is a little wrong. Seventeen year olds no matter how old they look for their age still look really young and the maturity level has to be way off. I just don't get how you even relate to someone that age. She graduated from college and he is still talking about prom. If you want a much older woman I am sure you can find one. I actually am 34 and dated a 24 year old guy, he was mature for his age and had his stuff together so it was fine. Also, you don't even know her? You just came across her records? Is that okay with your employer? I would be creeped out if someone got a hold of me for that, but she might be happy if some young guy sought her out, I don't know.

  • Sure, you see no evidence of risk on your part, but you also have to take into consideration that she's perhaps learned from her mistakes. What if she avoids having any type of contact with young-looking (even though they're legal age) males just as a precaution for herself?

    I think you also have to take into consideration that although this has always been a fantasy for you, this could be a continuing nightmare for her that she just wants to forget... she might just want this part of her history to remain a secret.


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  • You sound like a stalker. I hope you don't get caught out. ... or maybe I do...

  • That shouldn't even be considered a crime lol.

    I have to admit it's a little creepy that you looked through her stuff though.

    Try finding something in her area that she does. You must have seen her somewhere. Everyone interacts with their neighborhood. I take a walk in the park ne'er my house. I do light shopping nearby as well. Find something.

    • I work in a government agency, I ran into her records, its part of my job.

    • And no I've never seen her, only pictures of her on the records

    • Nice!