Kinda upset, Advice please?

He didn't see my text yesterday which I'm not mad or sad about that because that happens which I understand but once he asked me what I said and I told what text him yesterday he said he was sorry which I accept his apology but the thing that bothers me that he doesn't say miss you or love you back to me. I said to me when he came over my house yesterday but that fact that he didn't say back once asked me what I said to him it kinda hurt my feelings. I don't know if I am overacting or being super sensitive but it just made me sad. I am overreacting about this? ( he has told me loves me plenty of times, so for him not to say anything back just bothers me)Kinda upset, Advice please?


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  • I don't know how you can not see texts you phone usually keeps them for at least a month if he wanted to know what you said he could just go look back at the texts. He is most likely telling the truth when he says that he did not look at them yet.


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  • Don't worry.
    Guys do that a lot.
    My boyfriend does that a lot. Probably he was busy or something , so he couldn't see that text.
    Positives here :
    1. He replied
    2. He said he was sorry

    it's kind of natural to feel upset but don't worry.

    Don't text him frequently , he will think that you are clingy.

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