so I met this guy on tinder. I am 22, he is 42. I am mature for my age and run my own company which as made it hard for me to date in my own age range. I have never used tinder before and shockingly used it one day and matched with this man.

So our first date I made it clear to tell him I've never tinder dated before; and he went on to say things like yes some of the women I meet are very crazy and bla bla bla.

So I kinda let that go, and have been on four dates since then , he finally kissed me, mostly he'll meet me after work or for lunch during his work hours. The one thing he doesn't do much is call, he'll text, his Instagram IS NOT flooded with women which I find nice.

But it one comment bothered me, on his Facebook a coworker of his commented about a year ago on his photo "damn new tinder pic" and ever since I read that it has me thinking , is something wrong with him that he's still single and is on tinder for years, or am I one of many tinder girls? How can I make this assumption. He is not married nor does he have kids that I know for sure, he also insinuates he wants to hang out with me more and go out again next week... That comment really bugs me.. what should I do?


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  • from what i've heard.. most guys who use tinder mostly use it to hook up and nothing else... well just be very careful

  • Well you knew that. You're doing the same thing. He hasn't met the right girl so he's still on tinder.

    • Do you think by him
      Taking me on five dates and our sixth is considered he may feel that we have something , I don't feel a man would keep spending money and time