If he takes a long time to respond to texts, does it mean he is not that interested? How often do people text each other when they start dating?

Maybe its a strange question, but my 5 year relationship recently ended, so I'm new to the whole thing. I met a guy who gave me his phone number. I wrote him in a couple of days, so he has mine. He suggested to go out. We had a great time (at least I felt like it). We had a couple of dates and unfortunately already had sex (yeah alcohol does it). For some reason he still treats me nicely and makes time to go out with me. We can only see each other during the weekends, because of our work schedule (he is ready to go to bed when I just come home). But last weekend I was away, and this weekend he is supposed to be away. Despite that he is making an effort to see me and finds time saying it is too long. He made dinner for me, paid for all dates, says nice things etc. Seems like a good guy. But there is 1 thing that really bothers me. Sometimes he answers texts pretty fast, yet sometime it takes forever. I get it, we are both busy, and sometimes I take a couple of hours to respond, and I don't expect a response right away, but I'm talking long like I text tonight, and he will respond next evening. Or sometimes he would message me in the morning, and I will reply when I wake up, and he will respond around 7-8pm that day. Its like we are constantly in contact, yet answer after a long period of time. But we do text each other at least 2-3 times a day. Is it normal? Or does it mean he is not that interested? Both of us are just out of long term relationships, so I'm not expecting to be boyfriend and girlfriend right away, but I would like to know where this is going. Am I a booty call? Or there are chances it will grow into smth?


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  • I think you are overthinking it just a bit. You do have something to be cautious about, but sometimes it is just being busy. For me I can easily just read a text and get absorbed in work and not realized I didn't respond.

    • Thanks for an opinion. Probably you are right. Like I said I have been in a relationship for 5 years, so I kind of forgot how dating works :). Time will show

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  • Maybe he is a horrible texter.