Has a stranger every asked you out before? And where did you meet the stranger?

Has some random good looking girl or boy ask you out before in a public place?


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  • Nope, had random girls come up and ask for my number but that's about it.

    • Have you ever asked out a stranger before? Or ask for their number?

    • I've asked for a girl's number on a few occasions but I've never gone as far as to ask one out I mean I'm still pretty young so that's probably why haha

  • A few times, three at dances, I used to do antique dance. Five times i can think of at parties not counting three different girls at one party which was so strange it kind of spooked me. I thought it must be some kind of gag, maybe it was. I don't know because I didn't take any of them up on their offer. I've had lots of girls in public places make it obvious an advance from me would be welcomed but I don't usually pick up total strangers.

    I used to think this was what happened to lots of guys but I've learned since it's pretty rare. I don't really know why I should get this kind of attention. I'm not amazingly good looking. I dress well and have an air of comfortable confidence but that's the most you'd be able to tell about me from just looking.

    • Wow lol you seem really popular, all the girls wanna go you with you haha maybe you demeanor is very welcoming. I wish more guys would approach me they just make eye contact and smile or something. Anyways thanks for your opinion!

    • It's a puzzle to me. People generally like me but I don't know if I'd say I was popular. I get lots of invitations but I get the impression I'm not the first person they think of. With women it's different. I've had many of them tell me I give off a kind of infectious calm, one compared it to the goat they put in the stable with a high spirited racehorse. Another said I had like an invisible force field and she felt as if all she had to do to be safe was stand inside it with me. Kinda strange I know.

      As far as the impression I give, one girlfriend who basically picked me up in a pub, she had seem me around before and we knew some of the same people but I hadn't noticed her came up to me an said something like, "I've been trying to catch your eye and I couldn't so i decided to just come up and talk to you". She later told me I looked like I was "full of myself" then added in a tone which i couldn't help thinking sounded at least a little disappointed, "but you're not like that at all"

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  • Good looking- no. But a stranger has.
    Recently, I was at a bus station from Iowa going to Missouri and this random creepy guy noticed me right as I walked in and came and sat down next to me and asked me out to lunch with him (1 hour layover). I said no and he couldn't take no for an answer. (Keep in mind, the bus station is in the middle of no where. I'd have to go walking with him for like a mile before anything or any other person would be around). He kept bugging me that whole hour or so because I said no.
    Made me super uncomfortable.

    So: Ugly creepy dude met at a bus station? Automatic no from me haha

    • Oh yeah, that sounds frustrating and annoying. I don't know how you dealt with it lol I'd probably get up and run the other way yelling help lol

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