Is he saying no?

I have found a long lost co-worker who I worked with 10 years ago on Facebook. He asked me out back then, but I said no as I was in a relationship at a time. I sent him messages and he always reply around 12noon or 9pm in the evening which is basically a lunch break and after work. We both agreed it would be nice to meet to catch up sometimes. So I sent a message on Tuesday saying I would be near the area where he works on Thursday and if he wants to join me and a couple of my friends for a meal, he is more than welcome. He replied "I have to see my woman on that night". I looked up his Facebook, but do not see pictures of any woman, but I know that I cannot use that as a reference. So I don't know why he replies all my messages every time if he is not interested?, or he does not want to join because I will be with other friends too? or he just saying "no". I want to see him as I went through a near death experience last year. However, I do not want to sound so desperate.


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  • Why don't you straight up ask him whom he was referring to when he said my woman?

    • You think he is referring to someone else rather than a girlfriend?

    • I don't know. I assume that he probably is. Why don't you ask to clarify? And if he does have one, do you still want to go out?

    • I will ask him to clarify. If he is referring to a girlfriend, I simply want to see to apologise how bad I was back then. I remembered he was crying and said that one day when he was successful, I would be regret. I want to be just a friend if he has a girlfriend. When I was hospitalised last year, I went through a dark tunnel and came back. I looked back at my past and I realised how bad I was when saying no to people. I have met one of my ex and he is happily married with 2 kids. So I have 2 more guys whom I feel I need to give an apology.

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  • He is simply not interested.

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