She said I overdressed or am I interpreting thing the wrong way?

she told me over text that she wanted to go with me there
i picked her up from her house because she wanted to go with me to an event and when she got into my car she said that i overdressed and should of have worn normal clothes.
i was wearing a track panks and red shirt and adidas jacket. While she had skinny jeans and a coat on with a white vest which you could see her breast.
she kept on saying that this one chick is a hoe and all i said she is ugly.
On text she seems to like losing interest (she no longer sends out hearts she just uses normal emojis and after i asked her out (she says she wants to think about it it was in February and it was in person) and on text and she keeps on suggesting places to go shopping together and plans for the holidays
Does she like me or is just using me for a free holiday


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  • I think she is sort of using you.


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  • sounds like she's just using you for a free holiday, you should move on from her and find someone else