Relationship advice: why does it seem like he's no longer interested?

I'm very new to the relationship game, I'm 21 and at university and this year I got my first boyfriend. I had my first kiss the day we started dating and it seemed like he really liked me. He said I was pretty and nice and that he thought about me all the time but it's now been just over two months and while in the begining he seemed to want to go on dates now he doesn't. He hangs out with lots of other people but when I ask if he wants to he treats it like a chore that he can only bother to get around to if he isn't feeling too tired. We live in the same college and all we've really ended up doing is watching series in my room and cuddling where as before he would ask me to play pool or go bowling or to a movie. Now even the cuddling seems too much for him. I don't want to seem too clingy but I want to hang out with him but I get the vibe he doesn't want to hang out with me even though he says he does. Even though he says he loves me and he still calls me pretty. He doesn't talk to me anymore when he used to tell me everything that happened in his day. Have I done something wrong? Am I over reacting? Please help I just don't really know what I'm doing and I'm afraid I'm failing and I still love him but at times when he rejects me I almost feel like I'm starting to resent him.


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  • He is falling out of love.
    And guys do it usually if the girl acts too clingy or he doubts the girl is cheating on him.
    I would suggest you to talk to him and if your not happy in the relationship then walk away, have some self respect

    • Thanks, I might just do that. I was afraid that telling him might drive him away but if he's already on the way it probably doesn't matter any more. I just wish I knew what I did to make him stop liking me I don't think I'm too clingy but maybe I am. I'm definitely not cheating and he knows that

    • Then yeah the reason is clingy, try to stop being in his face all the time.

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  • Two months seems very soon to have this happen, but this is pretty common behavior in a lot of long term relationships. You get comfortable with each other and you stop putting in effort. I think it's up to both people to be aware of whether or not it's happening and let their partner know if it is. I dont think so much that he's not interested in you anymore, he just feels like there's not much he has to do to keep you around anymore because you guys are together. Tell him how you feel, and if he's a good boyfriend he'll do his best to change that

    • Yea, to be honest I've probably been way too easy. I don't require much effort. I'm basically a default at this point, if he asks I would do anything with him. In return all I required was being wanted.

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    • I also realised that may be interpreted wrong. I meant relationship wise. We still havn't had sex, I didn't feel ready (still don't). Sorry if you already knew I meant that. I would sit and watch him play video games if it gave me a chance to hang out with him, though I've only done that twice because I don't think he likes having me around while he plays video games. He feels obligated to entertaun me and that interferes with his enjoyment of the game I think.

    • Yea I got what you meant :)

      In that case you should really start finding things to do on your own, so he can do his thing and you can do yours when you're together.

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  • çok güzelsin


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  • People lose feelings sometimes. It happens :(

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