My ex - How to be his friend and not his F*** buddy?

He was my best friend for months and then we started seeing each other.
For months it was perfect. Like almost a relationship.

But he went back to uni (away) and so we knew it wouldn't last.
He used to message me, call me, come home on weekends, but gradually that stopped.
Now I only hear from him when he is back in town.

He has only been back once since we stopped talking.
We got lunch together, chatted, had sex.
He kissed me goodbye & hugged me for far too long.

I love him and I would love to be with him but he clearly isn't ready for that.
He is my best friend and his friendship is very important to be.
I want to hang out with him and be his friend but I don't want him to treat me like a f*** buddy when he's around.

My question is - How do I hang out with him but not seem too keen when he first reaches out? AND How do I let him down sexually/let him know i'm not a fuck buddy, while still being his friend & not scaring him off completely?


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  • How? Don't fuck him in the first place. But that ships sailed.


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  • Move on, its not worth it. You are only hurting yourself more. What happens when he finds a new girlfriend, will you still be his bff. You sound as if you still have feelings for him.

    I have been there, done that, got a t-shirt and some emotional pain. Move on


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  • Be neither, walk away.