Can I ask him to stay with me on graduation ball (Its an urgent question because deadline to register for ball is in 4 days)?

Well we are newly dating from like a month. We are graduating together since we study in same university but different courses. We have an official graduation ball coming up. Students usually and mostly come with their parents but as my dad passed away and mom is away in a different country I can't call her. So basically I have no one for the ball since I do not have my family here, classmates have their parents coming from their home countries. I wanted to ask him to be my partner for the graduation night but he is calling his mom for graduation ball too. Since we are dating just newly I think it will be awkward for him to be with me on ball night with his mother. Should I still ask him if he can be my partner on the ball night?


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  • Ask him but don't be mad if he says no

    • No I won't be mad nor will I ever use this issue against him. My word.

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  • Yeah, sure! It wouldn't be awkward. You need a date too, and I'm sure his mom won't mind you joining them.

    • We live in germany not in US. I dont know if there are cultural differences...

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    • Go for it! :) I hope you have a fun time!

    • Thank you very much :) ^^

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  • I think it's perfectly ok to ask him

    • I am just scared of the mother factor. I dont want to be disrespectful to his mothers feelings.