What's up with him?

My friend and I sat at a table pretty closely, and he slowly moved his feet towards mine. He then pressed them against mine, and I moved them away because I thought it was an accident. Two seconds later, he moved his feet back. When I moved mine forward, he did the same thing, so I pulled back again. He smiled widely the whole time he did this. Also, he could barely make eye contact with me and looked pretty nervous... His palms were sweaty when I shook his hand as well.

Half an hour later, we sat down on a small bench. I sat a bit far from him since he's real tall and needs more space. He did look a bit upset/sad when I sat farther away.
I texted him later and asked what that was about, and he replied "it was an accident. I had a long day and I was tired."

He is a bit of an introvert. Is this something guys would say when they are shy? Or? I'm confused. He has given other signs that show he's interested...


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  • He is the world's worst flirt. Haven't you ever heard of playing footsie?


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  • He's interested in you.


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  • I'd say he's interested but a bit shy.

  • What are you waiting for? Of course he likes you, he did that on purpose. I can tell you that was no accident especially because it happened twice, and wow he actually texted you back lying... I'm done hahaaha But I would judge that he is a shy guy, so if you like him too and you are OK with telling him first than do it already! Good Luck ;)

    • Why would he lie about it?

      he kept pressing his foot against mine and I thought it was an accident so I moved my feet back. but then he did it again and I thought he wanted space or something so I jerked back.

      The way he moved his feet closer to mine was kinda interesting though. Before that, he moved his chair back, then slid his feet very, very slowly towards mine.

      Did he lie because he thought I rejected him? Or was he really tired and didn't realize my feet were there? I mean, there is no pole in the middle of the table, just on the ends, so he must know my feet are there?

      i am good friends with him. He is very outgoing, but when I walk in he shuts up and stares at me.

      Do you think he'll give me another shot?

    • Sorry this is late because I've been busy all day, but about the question (s). Yeah he lied because he thought you rejected him probably in a way, but I think also because he is shy like I said above and expects you to respond negatively towards him if he would have told the truth... But of course he will give you a second chance, you've always had a chance if he liked you (He does ;) ) and you still do. So ask him!!! Good Luck

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