My crush is taken but she likes me. only 3 more days of school and she's moving should I kiss her spontaneously?

shes moving to for Lauderdale which is like a 5 hour drive from where I live.meaning ill never see her again. me and her are like this. we like each other a lot but for sum reason we won't go out.I'm deeply depressed because last night our dance. we talked a lot and I mean a lot but we never slow danced we just did a lot of fast dancing .so after 3 more days ill never she her again. so do you think that monday -wednesday I should kiss her spontaneously.

  • Kiss her and say goodbye
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  • Just talk to her and say goodbye
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  • Hug her and say goodbye
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  • Tell her how I feel and she were it leads
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  • Definitely tell her how you feel before she leaves. maybe she feels the same way. and maybe you could try a long distance relationship if you both really like each other. If you don't tell her that you like her then you might regret it. You don't want to have the constant thought in your head of "I wonder what it could've been" . I'm 16 so I might not even know what I'm talking about but this is just my advice.

    Sometimes, the biggest risk in not taking one.


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  • You should tell her how you feel and see where it leads. That would be better then you leaning in to kiss her and her not going in the other 50%. This way you communicate your feelings in a less social suicidal way. If she feels the same way you do it could lead to a date or two. If she doesn't it's a hell of a lot better then having your kiss attempt shot down like a TIE Fighter. (Star Wars Reference.)

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