Does this girl like me or is she just being friendly?

So there's this girl i like she's one of my friends i think she likes me because the other day she hit my back with the sleeve of her jacket and she just started tickling me out of nowhere and was laughing while doing it and earlier that day she said hey to me and was like how come you didn't say hey to me this morning and then there was another day where i was really tired and she saw me and said hi to me and waved and smiled at me and she taped my foot with her foot I don't know why and last Wednesday i was really bored and when to go outside to see what the weather looked like and i waking to the door and she was like what do you want (in a playful voice) and later i was getting ready to go and she said something to me and i said something back and she yelled bye to me but i didn't say bye back she's been saying hi to me a lot lately does she just trying to get my attention because she likes me or what?
Should i tell her how i feel and
she's like a year and 6 months older then me she's just turned 18 and i will be 17 in October could i still date her


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