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So this guy I met on an online dating site and I went out on five dates, all of which went well. We kissed on the first date, and made out on the next few dates. After date five he occasionally texted me but did not ask me to go out again. After this continued for about a week I decided to just ask him out. He didn't answer until the next morning saying "I meant to talk to you, I don't think things are going to work out with us, I don't think we are a good match." When I asked why, he said "we got along well but I didn't feel the chemistry" and that he "hadn't thought this during our date." I am so confused because he was so affectionate on our dates and even gave me a massage and mentioned the "next time we hang out." What's his deal?

we weren't "intimate" and he said it wasn't an issue


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  • Well there could be a few different things that went on in his head that caused him to act the way he did. Yes, he cold actually be speaking honestly but seems things went well enough to go on multiple dates. Hehe I don't know if yall were "intimate" or not ;) but maybe that's what he was looking for and it didn't happen or it did and there was something that turned him off. I honestly think that he is just not telling you the truth a/b why he does not think you two are going to workout. His answers to you are very generic and vague, dead giveaways to that he is keeping something back. There may have been something that happened between the two of you that turned him off to a relationship with you but he may not want to bring it up if it may hurt your instead, he gives you the o'l generic is very lame he did that tho :(


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  • poor girl...he cheated on you...and how can you kiss a guy on the first date? embarrassing !

    not all guys are genuine...sleep on it before you commit a relation...

    i hope you understand...

    all I can say that he is a lusty bastard...

  • Maybe he didn't cheat he's just being honest. Or he could have met someone else you never know with these things... I just recently met someone online and its been OK... Guys are weird sometimes


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