Should I bother going on this date?

I met a guy on Tinder and we talked very little beforehand, so I was skeptical to meet him. He offered to grab some food, but I didn't take him too seriously, so I kept changing what day to meet. Finally we were supposed to meet on a Saturday during the day. 10 pm comes along and I finally tell him I can meet for drinks. Surprisingly, I really like the guy, but I had already been drinking at my friend's place - so I got drunk pretty quickly. He treated me extremely well, bought all my drinks... we ended up at a nightclub, which I suggested. I think I gave off a party girl vibe... He gave the impression of a really nice guy, so long story short - I went home with him and we slept together. I felt bad for the guy! He suggested to meet up later in the day, but it never happened.

He messaged me that evening asking how I was. I replied and said I had to go to bed. I didn't hear from him the next day, so I messaged him two days later and he was giving me one word answers, so I figured he lost interest. Eventually, I said I am keen on seeing him again. He tried to randomly invite himself over on Wednesday at 10 pm... booty call? I rejected. So then he suggested Friday, make food at my place. I said we should do something outside, because I want to get to know him outside of the bedroom. After a bit of trying to convice me, he gave in and agreed. The next morning I wrote to him "Hey:) how's it going? Friday works well, by the way:)" and I heard nothing from him all day. I sent him a snap and he only sent a few stupid emojis back. So I obviously figured he's probably just trying to get in my pants and after he realized he wouldn't get any on Friday, he lost interest. So I messaged him at 9 pm asking what's happening on Friday. He wrote back two hours later saying "aren't we throwing?:)" (we had agreed to throw a frisbee in the park). But honestly, after getting one word answers and having to chase him, I really doubt he's being genuine/actually interested... any opinions?


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  • you're coming off very desperate

  • I think he is trying to get into your pants as well.

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