Girls, How not to give on dating?

Girls, How not to give on dating ?

Over the last 3 years I've only had 1 date, she was a good looking girl , but I'm at the point where I wanna find someone meaningful , most girls my age I still find are attracted to bad boys a idiots with no future , done a degree in economics and finish one in business law yet never seem to meet any girls , if you see a guy on th street and are interested do you show any signs? Cause I seriously don't get anything , therefore don't even approach women. I'm attracted to European looking women yet they all seem interested in guys with dark hair and never a red head male? I give up. Please help with tips


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  • Maybe if you stopped asking this question and started focusing on finding a girl to date things might get better for you.

    • I've got no one to talk to dads dead, mum doesn't talk and all friends in the army or overseas , I've literally got no one to talk to , it's bloody tough

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    • Thanks. Sorry I don't mean to be sad , I just literally feel like I've got nothing going for me and just find it extremely tough

    • Try to stay positive, you can do it if you set your mind to it

  • Maybe stop seeking out girls that aren't into you and open yourself up to other possibilities

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