Im not the same, how do I change again, successfully?

I used to be full of life, laughter, and joy. Now i am quiet, in the corner, and bored. Possibly sad. I want to be happy with my boyfriend but im afraid my energy is so powerful that once i start sinking he drags down with me and the same for him. If he goes down, i go down. We are both feeling the same. I have bipolar and i suspect he does too because one week he will be happy then the next he's sad and bored of life... just like me. What can i do to fix us when we go through these phases? Trust me. Its really hard to keep this strength when it happens so often.


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  • Bipolar is a serious medical condition. Knowing someone who suffers from it and how much it effects their day to day life I wouldn't say you suffer from it just because you have a rough patch in your life.

    That being said what do you even have to be sad about being 17.
    There is an easy way to stop being quiet and bored and go back to enjoying yourself... stop being quiet and bored. You can't possibly have experienced everything in your 17 years of living so go out there and do things with people.

    Most people going through the teen angst stage just don't actually try to make anything happen. They sit around doing nothing then wonder why not as many people want to hang out with them and why they are not having fun anymore. Its really up to you to decide what you make of your life so make the most out of it.


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  • So at age 17 you washed up? Think about it. Think how stupid that sounds

  • I think you should break up with him and attempt to fix yourself.