How can I turn a friends with benefits into a relationship?

Clearly there is a reason he hasn't already asked me to be his girlfriend. I don't know if it's because I'm not girlfriend material, or if the issue is deeper within (commitment issues). He hasn't had a girlfriend in about 4 years, and normally I don't do relationships seeing as I get bored easily, but with him it's different. We've know each other for a few years, but never thought of each other romantically up until a few months ago. He keeps his feelings bottled up, so everytime I try to talk about emotions, he is very vague and tries to avoid it until he gets to his breaking point then he lets everything out. how can I talk to him about a relationship without it being awkward?


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  • You'll never fuck him enough into falling in love with you. That he hasn't asked you to be in a relationship with him should be a clue


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