How to reject someone nicely when they don't listen?

we tried dating but i realized after a couple weeks we were very incompatible.
i told him i'm not in the same place he is and don't want to continue.
he said to just be friends, i ignorantly agreed.
he shows up everywhere that i am and makes sure to corner me away so it is just he and i in a conversation.
he keeps asking to go for meals and spend more time together and i keep saying it makes me uncomfortable. so he just shows up wherever i am.
he accuses me of sleeping around when even if i were its not of his business.
he is everywhere! i want to be friendly but i don't want to be friends. and at this point i don't even want to be friends anymore.
i'm thinking to start ignoring him and even to start dating someone else just so he gets it? is there a more mature way to say FUCK OFF?


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  • sounds like he is controlling or learning how to be controlling so no ther gyu will have a shot, i would nt be surprised if he warns other guys off. thats what most controlling guys who can't find a girl who will be with them do.

    you should just cut ties with him and have a guy with you when you do it to make it clear your not interested and he needs to move on. and your guy freind will be the insurance that he moves on.

    and some guys are simple minded enough to where a fuck off is all you need but do it in a public place so other will see and hear you do it so he can't say you never told him.


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  • honestly if he won't leave you alone there is no nice way to tell him to fuck off.


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  • Clearly he doesn't get the hint, so I would say ignore him completely and if he keeps it up just call him out and tell him to stop following you, tell him you are not interested in seeing him or doing things with him.
    If it continues, contact the police and get a restraining order... You don't need some guy stalking you.

  • No. Please.


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