Said yes to drinks but don't think she's interested?

So a couple of weeks ago, i asked a girl i've been interested in for drinks after getting her number and a few days of messaging. She said "Yes " , but asked me if it could wait a couple of weeks because she had college work to do, and thats when it would be done and she'd be free. I said no problem though i took my time responding. We hadn't spoke since apart from saying hi to each other on campus.

However... since i've asked i have seen her a couple of times in the local bars, as she lives near me. So I'm starting to wonder if she is all that interested despite saying yes to drinks and maybe she could have been lying about being busy?

What you guys think? Move on?


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  • She's lying. if she has time to go to bars then she has time to date you. Move on and delete her number


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  • Sorry, bud, she blew you off. I would put the ball in her court and just tell her to message or call you back when she is free for drinks, but don't hold your breath!

    • I had that feeling, makes me wonder why she even said yes in the first place if she wasn't interested?

    • She said yes because she didn't want to be mean and hurt your feelings/wanted to avoid conflict and or awkwardness.

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  • Move on. If she really was interested, she would make time for you! Trust and believe lol

    • I've been told to ask her again by friends now that college is over, but don't think i'll bother

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