this is more of a question asking for your experience.

long story short, the guy i was with up for the past few month til recently, i found out he was seeing someone else. it was awful b/c i found out by finding another girl's hair and jewelry in his drawer, i started panicking and texted my friend who had to calm me down. the worst part was i had to sleep beside him that night and pretend everything was fine. i left in the morning and then broke it off with him later on in the day. and by breaking it off i mean after i said everything i wanted to, i completely blocked him on everything: facebook, whatsapp, phone, everything.

obviously as i'm sure if you've been cheated on, i'm feeling terrible about myself. what made her good enough for him to step out? was i not good enough? his excuse was "it's only happened in the last month, and i still like you." when i asked him if he wanted to be with her he kept dodging the question.

i cried all morning, headed to work, talked to my friend, and cried some more. today (that was yesterday) i woke up feeling great, knowing i made the right decision. but my mind can't help but wonder why was i not good enough.

my question is, what was your experience with being cheated on/cheating and how did you react when you found out (if you were on the receiving end?)

thanks so much in advance!


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  • well for me it jsut made me a colder person , and it stuck with me. i guess there are just somethings you dont out grow when you feel so much hate toward a person or situation really. but i can say that if i had just let it go things might have been better than they are now. but i just became a colder person and never really try to show kindness. im not a jerk or anything i just see things as wrong or right i can never see a middle like a 3rd option there never has been for me.

    i think the best thing for you to do is be sad and have your moment for just you and try to move on. i wish i had but its to late for me im way to bitter and untrusting and come across as a jerk in some of my opinions.


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  • Not that I know of >< I doubt it.

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