Should I date him?

He's my friend
-he's never dated before
-I've only seen him as a bro and N never bought of further than that
-he's funny and has a good personality
-looks not as much, he's kinda cute
-he doesn't seem like the romantic type
-I don't want other people to know if I date him
-I need a guy who will hug me and tell me things often, he doesn't seem like it, but I haven't seen him date anyone
- I like him half of the time and other times I'm thinking about his bad qualities

I kind of have feelings for him, I'm constantly debating if I do or not and how the relationship would work out


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  • "I don't want other people to know if I date him" no


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  • If you don't have feelings for him more than a friend then why would you date him?

    • I updated the question

    • "Kind of" isn't a definite and if you have to talk yourself into it then you shouldn't do it, that's unfair to him.

  • It seems you have listed more bad qualities than good. I say keep it friendly. You're not attracted to him now and won't ever be.

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