Did she die? Whats up with her?

There is this girl who is super active on social media but for the last few days, there has been absolutely no activity on any of her accounts, even her fake accounts.

Her exams just got over last week.

What could be the reason?

Note - im her stalker.

  • She could have gone for holidays after exams.
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  • She is busy with her new guy.
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  • She died.
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What Girls Said 1

  • If you were such a great stalker wouldn't you know that? She probably found out you were stalking her so she is staying off of social media. Because stalking is creepy.

    • I found out :)
      High 5 to my stalking :)
      it took me 6 hours to find out where she was :)
      and do u know what?, she has a fake account and she does all naughty things with guys and girls from that account, i have done so many several sex chats with that girl :)
      Lol , she is so innocent in her real life and her real account but these bitches become hoes in fake accounts. :)

What Guys Said 2

  • No she's hiding from you

  • Are you talking about @kris85

    • I never disclose the girl i stalk.
      Welcome to stalkers club. ☺

    • Well, I don't stalk people here. It was all over the GAG that Kris did die of blood clots.