Ex Girlfriend made a fake profile to message me on it?

My ex of 3 years left me in December, 2 weeks later she got into a new relationship.

first month and a half I didn't hear from her until she texted me asking "how I was doing" I kept it short ended it.

end of Febuaray to Middle of March she would text me almost everyday but I always kept it short but 75% of the time I just ignored her and lived my life. ( still in a relationship with her guy)

End of March after I ignored her text for about a week, she randomly says "block me off everything and delete all of our pics you have of me".

From March til last night I was strictly NC. I check my Twitter this morning and had two tweets from her. One was #13 (we started dating on the 13th and we always had that as our number) then another saying "just wanted to say I hope you're doing good".

that led me to check her profile to see if she was still with old guy and she was. I just ignored it.

any reasons for her actions


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  • She sounds like a bit of a mental, like she doesn't want you to forget about her and move on with your life. Maybe she regrets breaking up with you or maybe she is constantly reminding you of her existence because she doesn't think you could every be happy again without her and is trying sabotage you're attempts to move on.


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  • not a reason to care.

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