Girls, When you say this to a random dude you just met, does it mean you like him in a friendly way or sexual way?

So I met a random girl by chance who was working at the store. We started a normal conversation, but within minutes the conversation become interesting and I had a lot of her emotional subjects coming into play and she even laughed. I even teased her a bit and she was giggly.
Within a few minutes of talking she said " I like you " after which she gave her contact details when I asked her. She said we should meet up sometime.
As she was about to leave, I offered to have coffee with her. So we sat and had coffee and she was asking my interests. We had a few common ones.
After that her friend came and she excused herself. So I said I will see her later.
2 hours later I saw her again , so I went up to her and started to talk. This time she started to mention for the first time about her child who she had with her long-term ex-boyfriend. But the child was under her ex-boyfriends custody. She loved her child very much and hasn't seen him for a long time.

At this point I was confused , how she saw me. I tried texting her a few days later and she replied back instantly. But she never initiated any text or ask me to hang out. I saw her recently and she seemed to look away and act distant.

So it makes me wonder, when she said "I like you" she meant in a friendly way or sexual way?

  • She was initially sexually attracted to me, but lost it completely.
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  • She ONLY saw me as a friend from the beginning.
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  • She was sexually attracted to me, but because I approached her 3 times in a row, it turned her off completely. She is not sexually attracted anymore.
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  • My personal opinion on this. I will comment below. (Please comment)
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  • She simply enjoy conversing with you and is continuing to do so. It can't be defined as a sexual interest or just a friendly one at this stage. If you want to know what she is looking for, you need to ask her.

    • Thanks :)) I talked to her recently and I straight up asked her if I was being mean to her. She said "She didn't know" and said " I am not interested'.

      But I never did anything bad , so what went wrong?

  • Why would it be only either sexual or friendly? Ahaha

    • Thanks :)) So why do you think happened here?

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    • I'm Still VERY confused as why you'd assume 'friendly' and 'sexual' are the only two options. Do you have no emotional range whatsoever?
      I doubt she meant it in a sexual way, for one that would be very forward of her and also nothing sounds sexual from what you described. She may have meant it in a romantic way, but only she knows, just talk to her.

    • cool !!

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