Why do people get jaded and take a break from dating, some decide to go gay instead of fixing their preference?

I notice this from both men and women but more emphasis on women. For example girls who only want to go for guys who are at least 6'0 and good looking then wonder why their relationship ended in 6 months when you were picking partner for superficial reason or girls who only want to date guys who make X amount of dollars so he could spend money on them.
Why do people get jaded and take a break from dating, some decide to go gay instead of fixing their preference?

It seems all people in this day and age care about:
1. Is he/she fun
2. Is he/she good at sex
3. Are they hot
4. Are they rich and can spend stuff on me (women mostly)

And if all these are checked off then they form a relationship on this alone then wonder why it doesn't work out. People don't ask things like are they sane, are they abusive whether verbal or physical to past partners, what's their view on sex (is sex nothing special to them), have they cheated before, are they known slut/player.

They keep doing this over and over and things always turn bad and rather than trying to expand, change their filtering system for a mate they decide to:

1. Give up on dating

2. Some women decide to go gay and call all men assholes when she hasn't even given other guys a chance.

3. Become jaded about love

4. Take a break from dating

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yet, people don't decide to learn and stop being superficial as fuck until their staring down the bad part of their 30's and then they desperately want any decent guy/girl (throw out superficial traits) to date and marry them even if they are now bitter, jaded, emotional and mentally fucked up.

It's really simple. If one of the reason your relationship failed was because your partner was a control freak then look out for that early. If it failed because they were cold towards you then find someone who is warm, if they cheated on you pick someone who isn't a slut/fuckboy.

Seriously people it isn't that hard.
If you keep getting screwed over dating the hot chick then why not go for an average girl. Similar if the jock/tall guy keep fucking you over then why not open up your small pool of mates and try going for other type of guys.


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  • Women are dumb. Thats all. No need to think why they act like this.


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