Lying lying and lying?

So my boyfriend keeps looking at half naked girls on fb and swears he won't do it again yet he does & says I'm crazy cus I don't trust him but hello duh... WHO trusts someone who keeps doing what they said they won't also everytime I complain about him to him or we have an argument he says why are you with me or says maybe we should not be together then goes nuts if I just say OK then we should break up... I'm over this shit...


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  • If you don't trust him then just break up with him

    • Not easy just to break up we live together and I have no place to go

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    • Yeah and I'm trying to find a way out but it's not easy at all and I can't go to my mom's she won't let me bring my dog and she will try to control my life and suck me dry like her own personal bank account and if I don't do as she says she gets really evil and nuts so that's not an option :( I'm trying to see if a friend would want to live with me

    • Keep trying, there's always a way out 😊

  • More fool you for putting up with his lies, it's very simple.

    • They are not big lies but that don't matter how big or small buy on how to get him to stop because we live together and I got no other place to live right now

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