I sense a change (good or bad idk)?

So me and my boyfriend your dating two months had a fb relationship set up
He set it on private tho
He never gave me any hickeys or showed me off to any one

Then we broke up for 3 weeks
He missed me and begged me back

I got back with him
And he updated he's fb relationship to public (which was on private before)
Wants to give me hickeys a lot
Touches more then he ever did
Shows me off talks about him

Why the change


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  • because when you both got broke up he realizes that he loves you very much and he did a big mistake by breaking up with you, so he realized all that and now loving you more

    • Omg bro! If you ever love or respect your woman you should know what you want! not break up and finally realized what you wanted , urghhhh some people bro.

  • He doesn't sound ready for relationship. Emotionally mature he doesn't seem to be this. Does he have a 40hour week? To pay for you? Dating is expensive and imagine when you are married how much that will be. Pft I think you made a dumb choice but it's your life.

  • Maybe he was holding out for a bitch, the bitch said no, so he needed you back


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