Do you believe in soul mates?

I think I do, and I think I met mine but I transferred to a different college this semester. When I first met him and lived across from the girls suite in the dorms. The moment I saw him something in my mind just clicked but then I noticed the way he acted...I thought he kind of was a player... I stayed away but then we met in the hallway. He made fun of my last name and so I made fun of his last name. We called each other by our last names every time we saw each other.

One day I was walking from the elevator and saw him and he told me I was in his dreams...I pretty much ignored that comment lol

He would come into my room and we would talk, I just acted to him like he was just a friend. There was a guy I was kind of talking to at the time.

One night my friend and I went to a frat party. I saw him there! By that time I was kind of falling for him. He asked me to dance but I was stupid to say no. He asked my friend a min. later. I couldn't believe he had just done that. My friend and I went to the bathroom and she asked me about him. I was confused so she danced with him. Our guy friend that came with us saw her and got her because they had some sort of agreement. I was happy :) I went back into the room not looking at him then he came to me. we danced then I turned to him and had my arms around his neck. we talked right then I just really fell for him looking into his eyes. Him holding me tight. He told me that he liked me when I was talking to another guy when he was in my room. He has liked me for the past 3 weeks.

I wish this all happened sooner cause I was leaving. He came into my room the next morning cause the only thing he remembered was being with me. The next day he came into my room to just hangout out. We madeout for a little but he had to go to class.

Worst situation friend started to like him then they started talking. I was so confused. the guy & I were texting about how I was leaving and he wished I wasn't. He would end things with her to be with me the last weeks I was here.

The last night I was there he came into my room and layed on my bed. I was standing then sat at the end. He pulled me towards him. He held me so tight then kissed me on my head.

The next day I said goodbye to him hugged him

We would txt each other alot. He missed me. I missed him. I didn't know I would be soo affected by this move. He told me that we should date later... once I told him that I miss you BFF. He told me that he liked me more then a BFF.

As of right now we are just Best Friends Forever

We tell each other everything even if we are talking to someone

Who knows maybe he isn't maybe some other guy out there for me :)


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  • I believe in kindred spirits, but I honestly don't think there is such a thing as a soul mate (as defined by being 'the one' person for you). Anyone can love anyone, but some people require more energy because they aren't as naturally compatible. I wouldn't get so caught up with a guy whose background you aren't very familiar with. From the immediate view of this I'd say it wasn't meant to be. Ultimately that's your choice, but most men certainly aren't very reliable over long distances.

    Not to be pessimistic, just trying to contribute some sensible advice. Some general advice: don't get to readily infatuated with guys in your age group. They are generally very selfish and unstable, and they will exploit your infatuations.

    -Count D.

    • Are you saying women should go for older men?

    • I'm not saying that, though I think that is up to the individual. I am simply advising young women not to allow themselves to become easily infatuated with younger guys, because they will take advantage of it.

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  • Soul mates?

    Nonsense. It's just a thing people say to add significance to their feelings (cos let's face it, love is pretty irrational and so saying it is somehow predestined and predetermined is a nice way of making sense of it).

    Even if you get together with the person you think is your soul mate, once you've seen his/her skidmarked underwear you'll find the gloss wears off.

  • I believe in them but like Jackie said, there's deffinetly more than one. For some though, finding this person can be nearly impossible

  • Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. depends on the mood lol

  • yes that's what I've found on here


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  • I do believe in soul mates, but I also believe that you have more than one (I know that contradicts itself)

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