Should I ask this girl out?

This girl Iv'e been talking with for a little while, and she's pretty dreamy, really nice... And we've been making really good eye contact and she's smiling a lot and all. At one point in class I asked her to sign my yearbook and she did.
I opened it the Note said:

I enjoyed meeting you.. You're super sweet and awsome, keep in touch.
And she gave me her number.

I texted her she answered etc.. But we don't exactly know her this super well... And I know she used to have a boyfriend, think she had problems with him so I don't know what's with that now.
Since she gave me her number without even my asking I like to think there's something in there.. And I wanna ask her out but I don't wanna seem like the guy who immediately assumes stuff and this to be weird or anything cause I can't be sure 100 percent she's interested... Should I ask her and is it worth it? When should I ask her knowing I texted her today?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If I where you I would try being alittle flirty with her first and see how she responds. If u think it's a good response than go for it. Also do u 2 talk like daily or has it been months? Cause that could also affect her answer.

    • We started talking consistently about four days ago.. And we're still in high school, so yea every day just about

    • How do you think I should go about flirting with her and in what way.. Coz I mean we're just in class and all I can't really make physical contact

    • Do it when u text her. Like complement her and add flirty emojis see if she does it back

What Guys Said 2

  • No you shouldn't asker, it would be better to ask her in.

  • Maybe you should, she probably likes you, but she might be shy...