Does my ex want me back? Or is it just flirting?

me and my ex broke up about 3 weeks ago. You can tell by the text neither one of us wanted to end it ( yea it was text. And I started the convo of breaking up he ended it) But in class he is always flirting with me. Like a lot but he flirts with other girls to. He texted me asking if I missed him and we face timed a lot after we broke up and texted. But in school he wasn't talking to me at all. The flirting started like a few days ago but he isn't texting me anymore. Do u think he still likes me? Also should I try texting him and reaching out more.

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  • He's just doing it because the attention you give him strokes his ego. if he's doing it will other girls then it's for the same reason. He probably thinks he can still have you back if he wants but if he genuinely wanted to resolve things he would tell you so and make the effort to do so. I suggest you stop flirting in return and tell him only to talk to you if he actually wants to work on the relationship, otherwise you'll just get confused and more heartbreak.

  • No, I think he's just a flirt.