Girl in younger year at school dating advice?

Hey so Im 15 and there's this girl at school whos 143and 2 years below me at school. I've never really spoken to her but she likes my online posts and also gives me a look when she's walking past with her friends and stuff. I dont know how to speak to her or anything and Im not sure wether she's looking at me for a reason or not. Is there any way of this being a sign or this working?

13 years old sorry


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  • She is how old again !!! 143 may be a bit old for you dude... I'm sure it's a typo , but I had to get at ya on this one

  • Since you are young, age difference shouldn't matter, but a 2 grade difference in middle school is a bit of a stretch.
    If she is giving you a "look", you never know what that could mean. She could be doing it unintentionally, or because her friends told her to, but the most likely reason is that she genuinely is interested.
    You need to start talking with her, man! You'll never know asking about it here! Talk to her yourself! After awhile, ask her out to a date!
    Though school is out for most, If you have any classes with her, you should pay attention to body signals, like her legs pointed towards you, staring, lip biting, and playing with her hair. Her laughing at your jokes or nudging you are other signs.
    Trust me, I payed attention and took things carefully. That landed me with an absolute angel of a girl. We've been together for 9 months now!

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