I think I'm a lesbian. But I don't wanna tell anyone?

Okay so I like girls I know I do. Not the girly girl type but the rough tomboy type literally make me die. I don't see anything in boys anymore, yeah I sometimes glance at the odd boy but I check girls out way more than I should. I've been on and off about the whole thing for a few years now but I'm ready to accept who I am and move on. I'm not sure if it's a phase or something but I doubt it. The problem is I don't wanna tell anyone because I'm scared of judgement and I don't have anyone to tell because they would all try and talk me out of it (my family anyway) and say it was a phase. I don't know what to do. The only person I could talk to is my lesbian friend but it's gonna look like I'm trying to come onto her and she has a girlfriend so I'm avoiding that. Please help!


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  • Accept who you are. Its good that you realized when you are young some people dint realize untile late in their life or after getting married. You dont have to tell anyone there is a lot of gay community online start with that reading about them talking to them would help you to accept who you are. I was 13 whyears j i thought im gay. And at 18 i had my first boyfriend online. We met. I was scared at first. Even to the point o feel my hands shaking when i talked to him on the phone i didn't want to accept it. But now i feel like i dont have to tell anyone. My whole family think im straight my feiends people at work. Only my gays lovers or dates know im gay.. Start online maybe get to know a girl go out with her then u will break this fear. Now i went back to school and some straight guys hit on me they are 18 and im 24 so i know they are just looking for experment. But im not afraid anymore to flrit back to show my i terest. good luck!!!


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  • You don't have to tell anyone until you're ready

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