Girls, please review my Tinder profile? Anything I'm doing right/wrong?

I recently broke up, was bored, and got on Tinder again. I'm not looking for a ONS or anything like that. However, the past two times I used it I got well over 50 matches but this time I'm getting barely any and I don't know why. Care to provide some feedback?

20 year old Male in USA.

•6'3", 240lbs.
•I work as a mover for [Work], and I'm a Mechanical engineering major @ [University].
•Likes: Cars, Weightlifting, & puppies.
•Basshead ➡️ EDM & raves.
•2000 Camaro Z/28 owner, if you're a car girl = 💙
•I don't do drugs or smoke, but will enjoy wine with you
•Universal blood donor
•Favorite books & movies: The Alchemist, Deadpool, Pitch Perfect, Star Wars Series
•Dark senses of humor are always welcome

Girls, please review my Tinder profile? Anything I'm doing right/wrong?


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  • I can't see anything obviously wrong with it... Maybe give it more time? You could try fewer selfies, though. Add a few pictures of you in action, doing something fun, or out with friends. Your bio's good.

    Also, put the 3rd picture as your main one.


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  • Wow you are good looking. Try looking for girl at you uni instead? For me tinder boys are fuck boys so I don't reply to any of them. But that's just me. Good luck!

  • Then why are you on Tinder?

    • Like I said, bored.

    • Yeah, that's not what tinder is about. Lol, you came to GaG. You shall never be bored again.

      Lol. Ok. So, get rid of everything after weightlifting & puppies. It's long. Otherwise, looks good.

  • I wouldn't want to date you because we don't have similar interests but you're super cute and for the right girl, you're a catch!