Have you ever been single too long to the point you feel you can't handle human being in your life permanently?

Today i saw coubles in the street. Straight gays lesbians. And all what i thought about that I can't have someone and be expected to give them time? I've been single for three years. Is it because im single for too long? Did you ever felt this way?


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  • Yes this happens to me too, i get upset when i see couples holding hands even tho i should be happy for them. As much as id like to go to my crush n tell him how i feel, i can't because im too scared as i have anxiety. Even tho I've been called attractive by a lot of guys i just dont like them in that way :/ i hope u find a way my friend

    • Lool i was like you before but now when i see them holding hand i want to laugh i feel like they are living in denial lool u will be like me in no time

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    • You won't he will be lucky to have you

    • I will try and get the courage to ask, thanks for your help.

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  • I've never been in a relationship, and I feel that way. I feel like I could never be that close to someone or anything. I don't have any close friends. I have plenty of acquaintances but no one who I could really call a best friend. It's not that I am unfriendly, I have social anxiety so it's hard for me to meet new people. I am also not attractive, so guys aren't interested.

    • Me too i dont have friends. I have hard time getting close. And somehow people let me down. I would like to meet girl like you. I think mostly girls now treat realtionships just like a game you know jumb from bed to bed and i feel i have no time for that too. You will find someone!

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  • I've been single for nearly six years now! But I am open to be in a relationship later. I have a lot of crap going on in my professional and personal life, so I simply can't dedicate myself to a relationship until I have sorted things out.