Is he playing me?

i met this guy 3 months ago, he had barley broken up with is girlfriend. He would always want hang out and we would have great conversations. he would ask me about my life, my family, my interests and then he asked me if I was single. He asked me about my ex boyfriends but truth is I've never had a boyfriend or my first kiss. When I told him he was just in shock, he called me later on telling me that he was gonna take me out...blah blah. I asked me out one time but I told him I had to babysit that we could reschedule. On Monday when we had class he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him on Saturday, I said yes... but all is friends where there too. he was still flirtatious with me. By then end of the night he asked me for gas money! he didn't even pay for my movie ticket, I was okay with him not paying for my movie ticket because we were just friends. I didn't like the fact that he asked me for gas money when all his guy friends where there too. He called me on Sunday morning to see if I had a good time. On Monday after school we went to the library to do "homework" we were both being flirty with each other when all of a sudden he tells me he going back with his ex. I was sad but I didn't want to show him that so I gave him my support. He stopped calling me at night but we still had the awesome connection that we always do. Days later he tells me that he is having problems with his girl, I showed him my support. On Saturday he invited me to a party but I already had plans so he asked what I was doing at that very moment, I told him I wasn't busy, he asked me if I wanted to help him with grocery shopping I said "sure" he picked me up a hour later and went to get groceries. After we finished he invited me to his house to "help" him with the groceries. After we finished putting all the stuff away he took me to his room to cuddle, that's when we kissed. Ever since then he has been calling me and wanting to kiss me every day after school, but these past few days he stopped calling me, I went to check is Facebook to see what he has for his relationship status and it says that he is still with is ex. He invited me to a party tonight, so I don't if I should confront him with that or just let it be? I'm I is rebound girl?


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  • I don't think you should be with him. he seems not certain about what he want . May be now he sees that you had no boyfriend that he thinks he can steer you around. Don't go to the party, let him come to you and ask you what is wrong ? and then you can ask HIM what is his issue exactly ?

    who are you to him and what does he want from you ?

    It is as important also that you decide for yourself who is he to you ? is he special ? is he unique?

    • You don't think I'll look like a fool asking him?

    • Ummm... why would you ever look like a fool ?!!!!! You would be a fool not to ask him!!! This guy wants to have you available when he needs you . He is using you as a friend, friends with benefits , god knows what !!! don't you think you ''deserve'' to know what he wants? Your reply below makes me want to advise you about your self confidence. Let him sort his own troubles an dyou should go on with your life.

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  • He doesn't know what he wants ,and I would be VERY careful with him. He might be juggling you in addition to the ex-gf and getting whatever he can from the both of you. I inow that you both aren't dating seriously but at the same time you don't want to get used or hurt. Moreover, you deserve more than to be "second" in his life if he is seeing the ex.

    I would not attend the party and leave things alone right now. I recommend that UNTIL he makes a clean break from the ex, has no emotional or physical baggage with her that you do not get involved with him. Because, I can assure you that you will continue to experience this flip flop affect. It's one thing if he is confused about the ex and it's another to have his cake and eat it too.

    You strike me as a caring, compassionate, supportive young lady. You are the prize to any guy so make him EARN you! Best of luck.