Does she like me, or am I miss reading?

I like this girl and have been getting to know her the whole year. We are pretty close now and share almost everything. I try and do whatever I can for her whenever I can. She knows I care about her (I told her), and probably knows I like her because of that (Her friends even say they know I care about her). Recently, she acts more flirty, touchy, texts me more, jokes more, and wants to be around me. We spent our last day of school ditching and hanging out together. Then, out of the blue, she brings up this other guy. We talk a bit more get a little closer. Then talks about how she wants to do stuff with me over the summer etc. Then, while texting, she brings up the guy again saying she's stopping by his house. I quickly jump out and then say, hey you want to come over? She says yes, we figure out a day, and I haven't heard of this guy since (been a week). Find out her and this guy are long term friends. Any ideas? Does she like me, or just friends?


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