Girls, Girl avoids me at party?

There is this girl I m into and I noticed she looks at me a lot in the library and halls. I saw her at a party the other day and it seemed she kept looking in my direction. I eventually went up to talk to her and one of her guy friends and she literally said one or two words, completely avoided eye contact, and then walked away leaving me and the guy to talk. Why would she do that? Is she not into me? Is she shy? I know she is single. She also doesn't drink.


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  • Haha, sounds like something I would have done before if I had a crush on the guy!
    I get thinking that I'm not good enough for them, and they don't want to be around me.
    No idea though! She might be thinking completely different things from what I would. That's just how I am because I'm painfully awkward and I don't like people xD

    • She did seem like she was pretty out of place there.. As in she wasn't drinking and only talked to the same people she always talks to, and wasn't really having a good time (she left pretty early). I was pretty drunk (8 beers in 2 hours haha). I guess she wasn't planning on being approached by me? Kind of a shame because all other girls were very receptive to me but I was only interested in her..

    • Lol again, sounds like something I'd do at parties xD

      Hmm, I'll tell you what would work for me, and Maybe it will work for her if she and I are anything alike (lol but it might not work, I'm just giving you ideas hopefully).
      Try to approach her outside of a party setting. Say hi to her in the halls or even stop to talk to her a bit. It doesn't need to be a huge conversation, but just frequent 'hi's, that show her you like her as a person ie, she's good enough for you. It's at this point, if I were her, that I'd start trying to start talking more to get to know him better and see where it goes.

      Hope that suggestion helps! Good luck!

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  • Try to approach her again not in a party scene. I've been THAT girl and I'm just naturally shy, she's probably just a little shy too

    • Yeah she didn't really look like she was having a good time.. And I know I'm pretty attractive so I doubt looks are my problem. Maybe she just wasn't used to seeing me like that since I had never gone to any parties before that one all year or hung out with her.

  • She is probably shy. That's what I used to do when I had a crush on someone. Try to talk to her when she's alone. Be nice to her. She'll warm up to ya in time. ;):)

    • Sounds good. Yeah I'll try.. most girls find me pretty cute so I don't think she'll be mad that I came up to her.

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