Are most of the guys that you date/like the ones that first caught your eye?

Are most of the guys that you date/like the ones that first caught your eye? like "Oh yeah I saw that super cute kid at the grocery store today".

Or have you also liked/dated guys you at first felt nothing toward, as if he was a random classmate in your room. But you of course soon did like/date them after they talked to you and flirted.


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  • To form a dating scenario, you need to build attraction.

    Looks don't build attraction, personality does. (The way you banter / flirt / laugh / etc)

    Women aren't as attracted to a rocking body as men normally presume.

    Example of what women look for:

    - Stability: Will he be able to provide for a family in OUR future?

    - Loyalty: If I give him the opportunity to gain a place in my heart, will he cheat on me?

    - Confidence: Is he an independent person that can make his own choices?

    - Conversation: Can he keep me interested by talking AND listening?

    - Hygene: Does he look like a bum, or does he put in reasonable effort to look good?

    *NOTE* - Hygene is also a way that the ladies can judge how you will treat them. If you dress and look like a bum, you don't put effort into how you appear; so how could you put effort into a relationship- taking care of them?

    etc etc etc

    The above are all traits of personality. You're personality is WHO you are, not "what" you are. Anyone can have personality, the clerk at a gas station, or the havard law student that graduated 20 years ago. We are all human and have the same abilities.

    So this all relates to your second paragraph. IT IS POSSIBLE that a woman can date someone on the first day of knowing them, but it's more likely that they will date the person that they can already feel attracted to. If you put their crush and a stranger in the same room, they will obviously choose their crush. Alternatively, if you put someone that they don't find attractive and a stranger in the same room, it's a coin toss. You can't accurately say who she will find attractive, but I can place a probability that it's the guy that shows personality, regardless of looks.

    Looks are great for the first impression, or the probability that she will talk with you. After you have got her talking and listening comfortably, it's all about personality... personality outweighs looks 9;1

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I've never believed in 'love at first sight'. Any boyfriend I've had, including my current one, has always been someone who has been there for a while but I never had any interest in until we started talking more or he said that he was interested or something like that. Personally I like knowing a little bit about the guy before I start seeing him (for example if he was a friend first, or friend of a friend, or even someone who I've always known but never properly known...)

  • I am not sure if love at first sight is true, so I'm not going to dismiss it. most of the guys that I've dated, I didn't think were cute at first. but after getting to know eachother, I started to like them. I think personality is way more important.

  • I have definitely had that. i.e; There's this guy that I like a lot but I first met him in 5th grade I thought he was the weirdest kid ever but then I started to hang out with him and in my 7th grade year I fell for him pretty hard.


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