Should I do something?

About half a year ago I pretty abruptly moved out of the town where I lived (long story I didn't really know that I had to until my last day). There was this girl I was or still am infatuated with even though I've barely spoken to her. I thought she really liked me although I've always been confused (I'm not to good in reading expressions and that sort stuff by the way I'm far away from shy except with this girl maybe). She showed me some signs: smiling, sometimes starting a conversation, eye contact longer than usual, adjusting her clothes and playing with her hair I don't know why I just had the feeling she cared about me and she certainly knew I liked her although it can of course just be me exaggerating all these "signs" in my head (but if the opposite was the case than I would lose every sense of confidence in thinking she liked me so I was certainly skeptical everyday my mind changed). Anyway when I announced I would probably change from school we had a short conversation I which it seemed to me she wanted me to stay. The next day aswell as my last one I saw her crying the first time we had a class together (I don't know why she was crying but I texted her that night asking about it she excused herself, wished me well and said it was private the conversation ended not long after) few weeks later though I texted her "happy holiday" but I had no response. I miss seeing her, should I try to text her one more time we don't live that far away less than an hour.

Sorry for the long story and perhaps bad grammar.


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  • No. I think if she didn't reply the first time then it means she doesn't want to be in contact

    • I don't know... Anyway thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

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  • What about going to where you lived before and confronting her personally?
    Txting a girl does not have any emotion in it...