Guys, can I play hard-to-get like this? You ever played it before? And does it works?

I'm not gonna ask the girls because I know girls will definetely say I'm a jerk bla bla and say don't do that.

So I like this girl and she also likes me, we already had sex the second time we meet. Now I want to slow things down. I'm really busy right now and having a business trip for a month, is it ok I completely don't contact her in a month? She knows I'm quite busy now so she just sent me one messages, since I didn't reply, she didn't send any after that.


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  • A month is a very long time to not talk to someone. If I were that girl, I'd probably never talk to you again. There's playing hard to get and then there's completely ignoring people. It probably looks like to her that you did the latter.

    • so 2 weeks is ok?

    • 2 weeks is even too much. I'd just leave it a day or two, no more than that.

    • Maybe because you're too young ;)

  • You'll probably just lose her.


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