Does he want a serious relationship? 2 months of dating and exclusivity hasn't been brought up yet?

Been out on 6 dates over 2 months, conversation flows easily and all of our dates last over 6 hrs.

We are not having sex as he mentioned sex is something that should only be done when you feel comfortable enough and the emotional connection.

He mentioned he like to see me more in the future as this pace is only ok at the beginning. Should I just carry on? I'm not dating other people as this feels too far in to see others now...


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  • I se there is Something Definitely Special Starting here, Dear, And with '6 dates' And the Countdownis evidentally Heading for More in Store, The Best from thr Rest thing tha tyou both can do atthis point in Time, Is talk of what the Other Shouldor Should not Expect From... One another.
    Sit down, Possibly on the 'Seventh Heaven' Date, And Have this Serious convo of Bothj of your Expctaions and where you Stand. You have been with One Another now Long enough and strong enought to lay those Cozy Cards on the table.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks I will bring it up the next time i see him. Not sure when but will be sometime on weekend I hope. . as this week we didn't see each other because he is going through a lot. If he can't make time for me next week I will take it as we are rolling backward and i won't bother having the talk. I will simply roll back to dating others.

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    • You're welcome sis, please take a look at my new question thanks!

    • I am on there now, sis, I will! xxoo

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  • 2 months is too soon for anyone to talk about exclusivity. You're just being paranoid.

    • my ex brought it up after 1 month...

    • You ex was an exception, rather than the norm. 2 months is hardly enough time to know someone enough to be exclusive with them.

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  • If you're feeling uncomfortable about it... bring it up with him yourself :)
    Good luck!!

  • You haven't been dating or even seeing each other that much. If you're really worried about it then bring it up to him instead of waiting for him to ask you

    • its ok i will just wait, he invited himself to join my friends and I for an outing, but my friend bailed.

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