Why do people date?

OK! I really need help! My friend and I have been trying to get together for about a year and a half now. We had a lot of things to go through for my parents to even consider the thought of us dating. I finally came and asked them after he had met all the requirements but now we have another bump in the road.

The question is why do people date others?

Without a good answer they will think he just wants to use me for his own purposes. They said that the only reason he wants to date me is so that he can kiss me , hug me, and do other things which is wrong. He isn't anything like that. he doesn't really like to do all those things. He said he wants to get to know me more intimately and see what he is feeling is "love". Same goes for me. We are best friends but... there is something else there. So please HELP US!


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  • I believe people date to get closer to each other as people. People date not just so they can give in to the lust they feel physically, but to find out if that physical connection has an emotional one as well hidden underneath the surface. It is to confirm that you could be with that person for the rest of your life and still feel happy and content. That you can trust that person with everything that happens in your life and they won't run away.

    However, if your soon to be boyfriend doesn't come up with something like this on this own, then perhaps he really isn't ready to date you.

    • He isn't the one the question is directed to. It is to me. He told me something very much like what you said but I decided to ask a bunch of people and he is doing some research as well. My parents are all about the "right" answer so, I only get one shot at this. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

  • i've always thought of dating as a trial. your seeing in the time your dating if they would make a good life partner. don't like them = split up, like them a lot = get married. that's what it's all about when you break it down, seeing if you could be with them till death do you part. and I bet your parents dated at a young age, they're loving, caring, over protective hypocrites :D

    • They didn't date young at all.Religion and faith doesn't have much to do with what they say as well.It is all about how teenagers are now or days.Careless,reckless,all about themselves...teenagers now or days really messed things up for me.They believe I'm like all the other girls, wanting to throw myself out there.They think my soon to be boyfriend wants to mess around but they don't think we are different from your average teenager.I wish they could see that I'm different.That we are different

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