How to get a guy to ask me to prom, and message him without being a stalker?!

So I asked this guy in my class that I've known for a while but just started really talking to to winter formal in December, he said yes and we had a pretty good time. Problem was I couldn't really flirt or anything more then that cause he has a older girlfriend in another state. We talked about prom at this dance, and it seemed like he would ask me cause his girlfriend is too old to go. I just talked to one of his friends, and she said he is unsure if he is going to go. I don't talk to him much lately cause we don't have a class together. How do I text him or Facebook chat him without seeming stalkerish?! AND Get him to ask me to prom!


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  • or you could just ask him?

  • I think if you bring up how you had a good time at winter formal, you could kind of let that lead in to asking about prom. I think if you start it like (not in these words, but maybe say this kind of thing) "Hey, we were friends but I don't see you much anymore." and then move into asking him to prom.

    Personally, I think things like this go better in person, if you can, but if you don't have any classes or contact with him, looks like messaging is your only choice...


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