When you're almost 23 can't get a girlfriend because you've never had a girlfriend. How much of a catch-22 is inexperience?

Hey everyone, I'm 22 and almost 23 and I've never had a girlfriend but I'm not a virgin, I have only had sex once though. That one time was a hook up and I would rather have a relationship than hook ups, but the problem is that inexperience is a turn off to most girls (both lack of sexual experience and relationship experience). So its like you can't get a girlfriend because you haven't already had one and the only way to fix this problem is to get a girlfriend, but then you can't get one because the lack of experience is a turn off. I've pretty much accepted that it will probably never happen at this point because there really isn't a way out of this catch-22 and the only way that this could've been different is if I started dating younger. So now I basically just numb myself with drugs and alcohol and occasionally gambling to cope with the fact that I'll always be alone. And to the girls, you can post an answer here, but I'm probably not going to listen to them very much since most girls will lie about this and say that its not a problem just so the guy won't feel bad and would likely not react the same way if they came across an inexperienced guy in person.


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  • I think some girls might not like this but other girls who are also inexperienced would love this!! I know I would have when I hadn't been dating for long I would have preferred this. Personally now it doesn't even matter to me the experience of a guy.

    • I'm gonna stop you right there, most girls in my age group have experience and finding an inexperienced girl in my age group is near impossible. I personally HATE when people just tell me to find an inexperienced girl because that isn't even an option.

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    • Yeah feel sorry for myself aswell I can be such an idiot 🙄😒😞

    • Just try and be honest more often people just don't appreciate dishonesty and false hope :)

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  • Girls will say it doesn't matter but it matters, it matters a lot to most women I would say, I remember I didn't have my first girlfriend until 20 and even at 20 my ex girlfriend goofed on me saying have I ever had a girlfriend before etc, it matters and it will only become more important as you age, girls do not like inexperience

    • Yeah I know that it matters to them, that's why I said that they're almost always lying when they say that it doesn't. That's why I numb myself with drugs and alcohol over this issue and have considered suicide several times because of this.