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I meet a girl on the internet who is 6 years younger than me, and right from the get go I told her I wasn't ready for a relationship of any kind. Well a couple weeks later there was some big time flirting, and some things happened sexually over the internet. She is afraid of getting hurt, so how do I remind her and tell her that things just will not work out between us in anyway.

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Well I told her that it was her but instead it was me, and she never wants to talk to me again. Something that I am sure is part of the healing process. Man I feel like an ass right now.


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  • I voted other.

    It's time for you to man up and tell her that you made a mistake. You knew that you weren't ready for a relationship but you lead her on anyways and that was wrong. Ask for her forgiveness and assure her that she didn't do anything wrong, you are the one who is completely at fault for taking advantage of the situation.

    If you actually like the girl and might be open to having a relationship with her in the future then when asking her if she'll forgive you tell her that you still want to talk to her. If you definitely don't want a relationship with her you have to tell her that and assure her again that it's not her fault, you're the one to blame and it would be best to not talk to her anymore.

    I'm not going to sugar-coat it, this girls going to feel like shit regardless, but the piont I'm trying to make is that you want to get her angry and hate your guts rather than become self-conscious. If you are going to break a girl's heart it's not fair to her if you make her doubt herself in the process.


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  • well you could just say that you don't feel like its sparking on the other end and you want to be friends for now


  • Lol you should. First of all with any one you should clearly if your interested in any thing and what you want or don't and she shouldn't be talking to you any way six years!

  • You shouldn't have done things "sexual" if you didn't want a relationship and she did.


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  • How do things happen sexually on the internet?

  • The quickest way to end it is to say that you are in some trouble with the law and you need her to wire you some money through Western Union. $1,000 should do it. If she's smart, she'll think its a scam and will stop talking to you right away, if she's dumb then I suggest you really set up an account with Western Union and see if she really does wire you the money. When you see your account has $1,000 then I suggest you keep asking for more and more until she either stops sending you money or finally admits that she's gone broke. Then you turn around and say that you never had trouble with the law ever and just wanted her money. End the message by saying, "Now that's what I call a Long Con."

    • Dude wtf?

      lmfao! haha

    • I am not sure if you are trying to be funny here, because that is very funny. However I would never do that because that is just jacked up.

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