Guys, Is he jealous? Or does he really just not care?

The guy I've been seeing noticed via texts that I'm moody and wanted to know what was it, so I explained to him that I had an argument with my ex.. And he was like "oh, well at least you're not bored (?)" that really made me mad. So i told him that if he isn't okay with me talking to my ex that he should have mentioned it so that I wouldn't have told him. And he was like "no u can talk to me about anything, i really dont mind" etc... And i was like okay good:) and then he said "though i was right... u talk to a lot of people" and i told him that he wasn't and that I just had to finish some things with this ex of mine and I told him everything in a really nice way.. I explained myself.. And he just responded that he doesn't judge and that its really good that I want to have everything finished with my ex in a rightful way.. And i told him that it didn't sound like he was fine with it and he said that it is fine now, but that he doesn't know how it would be if we would actually be togeter. Anyway the convo ended with me showing that I'm not totally okay and with him acting like he doesn't give a fuck. He was just like "okaay, nighty night:) cyaa" ?


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  • I think you caught him off guard. If he said he is ok with it then why do you second guess it? You have to take his word about it if he said it. I don't know how his voice sounded. But the way you wrote it I didn't sense him getting jealous. He did get smart in the last part. I think the whole thing just caught him off guard.

  • Your name's... Blair? O:

    I don't think he likes you the way you like him. He doesn't seem jealous in the slightest it's just you jumping to those conclusions that turned him off.
    What's wrong with him not caring? To me, if a girl told me that it'd be equivalent to them telling me that they're wearing white socks... that I don't care.

    • But the thing is that he never texts this way... Like he's always "normal" but here it seems like he's having mood swings and like he's pretending to be fine just because he doesn't want to appear overpossesive since we're not together or anything. Plus last night when we were at a club he acted super jealous over some friends of mine and kept saying that i'm his and stuff like that. But here i can't say because i dont see his face and its hard to decode via texts :/ and yes, im blair:) why?

    • Ahh now now the light as cleared the fog.
      He is giving you the cold shoulder xD I must admit I have done it once or twice in my highschool years when a girl I was talking to would bring up an ex I'd respond similar to how this guy responded. He doesn't want to hear you bring ip the ex in my opinion he doesn't like it.

      & I love the name Blair I haven't come across anyone with that name before I think it's a really cool name.

    • Hahahah yeah I think that's the problem as well :") ohh really? Thank you! Though I got bored of it haha :p

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