Girl I like friendzone me?

Okay for 2 years I've been living the single life got out of a long term relationship and took time for myself but i will admit the girls i met in that time I was never serious about any of them. A co worker of mine who who I have known for a year and a half who i just thought of her as a friend co worker, starting getting into my cold cold heart. I knew she had a boyfriend tho because we would talk before I had any feelings. She would always tell me "my boyfriend is lame' "he doesn't like doing anything" "ignore me while watching sports" and i never thought much i was like okay not my problem. Till one day her and i just got close and started getting closer, and i had realized i had feelings for her. I did respect that she was in a relationship tho i know what its like when someone is after your girl. So kept my feelings secret. Then little by little i saw her posting less about him and found out they broke up. I had these emotions for her bottled up and needed to get it off my chest so I told her, but i told her i knew she just got out and that this might be weird but i felt a connection between us and maybe in the future it can be something. That weekend she hit me up and we hung out and talked and she seemed interested, we get along really well we talked about anything and everything it felt so natural. She was still in contact with her ex tho i would see they would still text. For about 2 months we texted everyday and hangout once a week she met all my friends and they loved her and thought we were good match. We had even kissed and just felt right. Then once night it all went sour i got wasted drunk and i guess it was too much for her to handle, the next day she was being weird and the day after she said she could just see me as a friend nothing more and feelings weren't mutual which she told me before and she said i got her at a wrong time. Friends tell me she is comfortable with her ex around and that she hasn't fully let go. It weird now between us.


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  • Shit happens. At least, you're not me.
    I managed to cockblock myself way too many times. I am not sure why I keep doing that.

    • I blame my awkwardness, my poor self-esteem and the fact that I can't be assed to try. It's a lovely combination!

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  • Me too. I got friendzoned by the girl I love. Shit hurts.

    • how so man?

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    • Then take that small vacation. Give a few days. But don't let it stay too quiet, you know?

    • yeah she went out of town memorial day weekend, i stayed back and just gathered my thoughts, i tried to talk to her Thursday because she said she can't take text convos seriously, so i tried and she said its not a good idea and that she didn't want to give me false hope and there is nothing to talk about. This is all still fresh tho its only been a week since the drunk incident. So maybe her leaving can clear her mind i wanted to text her and say have a good trip but i decided not to cause that might be a little to "you still trying to be normal vibe" you know. Havnet looked at any of her social media just letting some time fan in between

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