Should I leave my 8 month pregnant girlfriend its complicated my love for her is fading I deserve better And want To be free please help?

I been with her for 2 years better her life form when u first met her he's out me through slot caused me To make many enemies cause of her bad past And has cost me a lot of money ended up having To drop out of college And leave night Job cause of her she's Now 8 months pregnect I've helped her become a better person And have a better life but I've given up a lot for her she's not what i ussualy go for but Now i feel stuck with her i want a woman who will listen snd obey And all she does is bitches And doesn't do what i tell her i see it leading To problems i wana finish school And leave for the army but she holds me back she's Now 8 months pregnect should i leave And later on meet a decent woman And just start over? I love her but i deserve And want better what should i do?


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  • I empathize with you, however you must take accountability for choosing to expose your life to such a negative woman who’s consistently been nothing but trouble. Not everyone is worth making enemies for or having to make long-term sacrifices because not everyone deserves the extensive effort and discomfort that requires. Yet you chose to do so for a woman who wasn’t worthy of it. :/
    You’ve dragged an innocent child into this mess of a relationship and it’s your responsibility to take care of that human life. I know it sucks because she doesn’t sound like a very progressive, mature woman whom you would want to share your life with, but it’s the reality of the situation. There is now a child who has no choice but to be stuck with her and it’s because you insisted on sticking your penis inside of her, cumming, and risking the reproduction of a human life. So regardless of how you feel about her, you need to support that child. Stop letting her boss you around and map out your life for you. If you want to join the army, then do so. If you want to pursue a short or long term military career that will fund your college education then go for it! There’s not a damn thing she can do to stop you. If anything, it will provide financial security for the child. You only get to live this live once, stop letting her get in the way!

    • Also, you’re just going to have to prepare to be a single father who dates.

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    • @LaVilaine Well I’d rather be wrong and offer help/advice that someone may need instead of just to just put my own egotistical intellect first and act like my assumptions and guesses are more important than someone who may be in need of a helping hand. If he’s really just some silly, bored, attention thirsty “concern troll” then that’s his business which he really needs to figure the f*ck out because that’s a really unhealthy, unproductive, useless habit. But if he’s not, then he’s got a bunch of people on his post trying to show off what they think they know and trying to get others to jump on their bandwagon.

    • @LaVilaine I appreciate you respectful way of addressing your thoughts.

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  • I would say your priorities have changed now that you have a child on the way, however just because you have a child doesn't mean you have to be with the mother. If you know what you want and what you deserve and you're not getting it, you can opt out of the relationship because you're not happy, but make sure you are in your childs life.

  • Quite the troll you are.

    • How is he a troll? How is making an egotistical assumption helpful or productive? You act like it’s not realistic for people to conceive a child and realize they have zero interest in sharing a life with the person they slept with.

    • @CosmicallyCombined I've been on this site long enough to know that this guy made this account exactly today just to create this fucked up scenario to get people fired up. The fact that you feel the need to empathize with him also shows how ridiculously naive you appear to be. You leaving your comment to me is completely vapid and you are wasting your time. Have a lovely day.

  • Looking foward to seeing you on the maury show soon

  • You can't even spell pregnant! You don't need a baby!

    • So what do you sugest should i leave?

    • I'm just saying it seems like neither of you are ready for a baby. You two should talk it over. If you want to be here for your baby then you may have to forget about thw army. If neither of you are ready then you need to talk it out and find a solution. You can't just run away from your problems.

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