Guy is upset I asked for proof of his excuses- is he lying?

I've been talking to a guy for a week now- he's been hanging out everyday now. Wanting to do anything catering to me etc. Saying to me- what do you want to do? anything you want honey. telling me his interests in a relationship all kinds of bs. We haven't gotten intimate yet though I told him he can touch me, but he hasn't made a move. We've just gone out to dinner. I had tickets to a show so I asked if he wanted to go. We went, and after were supposed to go to dinner. We went to a place then he said "its too loud." So we decided on somewhere else. As we were passing the place, he decided not there, and kept driving. I asked him to go back, take an exit- he just did what he wanted to do.

he started dominating me and blamed it on lack of sleep. I'm sure he was being a jerk. Then he said ok let's go there, then later said can we do this another time- and took me home. He seemed sexually frustrated. I asked him what was going on, he said he was fine but tired. To me, he acted weird out of character etc..

The next day, he told me he likes me so much, and wants to get to know everything about me. He says he's thankful for talking to me. We had plans, but last min he says his dad is having heart pains and he's taking him to the hospital. Again sounds like a load of bs. He had me waiting all night without an update. I call him shady etc. Then he says his phone died and he got home late. Then I tell him he should've texted me at least. I say next time u go to the hospital, take a picture. He said sure i will and it'll be the last u hear from me. You don't trust anyone etc. It's a lie of course.. is he lying or being defensive? then he admitted that he was attracted n wanted sexual things with me.. i told him i was ok with it..

im pretty sure he was lying. I think he was frustrated he wasn't getting laid and took it out this way. Then he made an excuse about his dad to keep me lead on. Even if the dad thing was true, it was shady. after i said ok to sexual things he says "they said my dad is staying one more night there." Also he took his dad there- his excuse was "normally he wudnt go but this time he did." all bs


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  • you need to tone it down a bit there... its only been a week and you are asking for evidence and stuff... yowza.. thats paranoia and big turn off for guys...
    sexually frustrated or not, sometimes you just have to let stuff go, whether its true or you think its a lie, especially when its this early. my ex used to do the same, now she's my ex, and 4 relationships later she came to ask me why she keeps getting dumped even if she's "pretty" and i had to explain this same thing to her.

    • only been a week? nope dont think so--the guy has been hanging out with me daily, missing sleep... now he's acting 'shady'. I need to know if he's a pathological liar now, so i don't continue with this joke. He's also bragged about money like crazy- sold a house for a million, took 800,000k from an ex situation, but he drives a 99 car and lives with his parents. He sounds like a complete scumbag... and no u dont have to 'let it go' or you'll be stuck dealing with a psychopath. and yes he's lying...

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    • thats bad advice.. a liar is a LIAR and trying to stand up for one is ridiculous.. whether its one day into meeting or 1 year.

    • what a cowardly little pisstard you are... stalker huh? get off my posting

  • If my dad was actually in the hospital and you didn't believe me, I would never want to see you again. If it were true, there's nothing wrong with him being the way he is. If it wasn't true, he's mad you called his bluff.

    • well based on the situation--i dont think it's true at all. First he acted creepy the night before, then made up this excuse--its obvious he's lying. Also, i wouldn't be mad b/c he's acting shady. also we just met and he's being out of character

    • You did read my entire answer, right?

    • wtf? condescending asshole

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  • he's defensive. Possibly lying but i wouldn't assume it. Ud be surprised the misunderstandings that can go down.

    • he's lying- now his 'dad is going to stay one more day in the hospital"... he admitted he was sexually frustrated and upset i talk about other guys who won't get sexual with me... he's lying about the millions of dollars he supposedly has assumably but he's living with his parents and working construction jobs..

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    • umm, why did i get blocked?

    • i blocked dred, either way.. why the heck would u care anyway.. its an online question forum..

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